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New Nurses Graduate Program

Nursing Links Universal has identified a large deficit in education and support available to newly graduated Registered Nurses (RN’s) with limited positions available within the hospital system. Such programs are recognised as essential to the recruitment and retention of Registered Nurses. We feel it is essential to provide education and ongoing support and facilitation to New Graduate RN’s to help ensure that they practice safely and efficiently while fostering their professional development.

Nursing Links is proposing a specifically designed program to assist newly-graduated Registered Nurses seeking the support and education of a new graduate program, but were unsuccessful in gaining a funded position. Each RN will be required to work full time and complete the required number of hours to complete a working year. The program will be piloted at one of the teaching hospitals for the first year.

Each participating RN will be given a booklet of competencies and assessments that they will be required to complete throughout the year in order to complete the program, these may only be completed at the selected hospital — with your facilitator or nominated RN’s. Many of these assessments must be completed within the first week of commencement due to safety and mandatory education requirements. Each full time RN participant will also be provided with 7 full days of education and training at the Nursing Links Universal office with specific dates to be advised

All New Grad program participants will have access to the Nursing Links website, where there will be relevant nursing blogs and journal articles posted regularly as well as links to evidence-based best practice and research. All New Grads will communicate with their facilitators/educators (and with each other) via the website blog fortnightly to discuss their issues and successes, overall support and debriefing.

In the initial period each RN will be provided with a facilitator to provide clinical support (face to face) for the first couple of shifts of AM, PM and ND. You will continue to receive onsite clinical support from the facilitator during the shit for the next few weeks. By then you should be confident and competent enough to practice independently under the guidance of the hospital. Our facilitator can be approached either by phone and email for any of your clinical concern or needs. Facilitators will be available to support you physically throughout morning, afternoon, and night shifts during the initial period. This is exactly what the hospital’s new grad programs are about. You will also be able to call your facilitator with any issues or concerns immediately if they are available, this will be discussed with you when you first commence with your facilitator. You can always contact NLU Director, Jian and the trainer any time you wish.

New grad RN participants will be provided with a booklet to record all education attended and details of all nursing hours and locations. It will be your responsibility to maintain this booklet which will be identified on your transcript of how many hours you worked in each specialty. On program completion, you will be issued with a certificate of recognition. With limited New Graduate RN positions available within the hospital system, this is a perfect opportunity for new graduate nurses to work with close support whilst receiving education.

Performance appraisals will be undertaken periodically to determine your progress, and for you to provide feedback to the agency.

It is our sincere hope that you will really enjoy this program and use it to its maximum potential. There is an enormous wealth of knowledge for all of you to experience. You are not expected to know everything, this is why we’re here, but we do expect you toask questions. You will benefit from working with a wide variety of people from a multitude of professions.

Most of all, we want ensure you to enjoy this opportunity!!!!

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